About Me

Hello! I’m Liyana and I aspire to be a digital nomad while traveling the world.

I am the founder of Lookeesan Designs, a platform where I share my love for art through graphic design and digital illustrations. Apart from custom graphic design services, I also conduct Adobe Illustrator workshops for aspiring graphic designers.

As a daughter to a mom who loves to travel, I’ve been to quite a few countries in the world, Alhamdulillah. However, they were by tours and traveling by tours usually mean you don’t have the luxury of time and freedom to properly explore the place on your own. So I’m making a promise to myself to visit all the countries again and explore them to the fullest, if possible!

In October 2016, I married Han who turned out to be my best travel buddy ever! Our first adventure to Iceland opened my eyes to all the possibilities of exploring so many other places together and I hope through documenting our adventures in this blog, many others will be inspired too.

I may also occasionally blog about other things as well so keep a look out for that!

Happy reading!

DISCLAIMER: This blog has nothing to do with any iamliyana users on other social media platforms.