We’re married! #HanxPrincessLiya

Syukur Alhamdulillah, after 5 years, we’re finally married!

This is a much belated post, though, because we’ve been married for more than a month already. And life in the early marriage stage has been nothing less than blissful (or “blessful”, as I’ve heard too many people say it *snickers*).. but ask me again in 5 years time lol!

I have been toying with the idea of blogging for a pretty long time now but I’ve never actually gotten around to doing it. Han has been bugging me to learn how to set up a website but as much as I’m interested to do so, I can’t seem to set my mind on a domain name that I find worth buying. So for now, wordpress.com it is!

Anyway, now that the wedding is long over, can I just say I’m sooooooo happy everything went well!!! I remember the week leading up to 9 October, especially the night before, was so nerve-wrecking like hell. All I could think about were the worst things that could possibly happen – What if there’s not enough food? Is the kompang outfits going to clash with ours? Where do I put the photobooth? Should I remove my bridal table to make more space? What if my berkat boxes penyek, dammit should I have gotten a different berkat? Even the minor things could set my heart racing (Yes, it’s horrible being an over-thinker and worrier.) But everything went more smoothly than we imagined, Alhamdulillah!

Malay Solemnization
“Yay Halal already!!”

Our vendors were great! If any BTBs happen to chance upon this humble blog of mine, click HERE for a Part I of my review of the vendors that I engaged and HERE for Part II.

Way before the wedding, Han and I were thinking so hard what our hashtag was going to be and I’m honestly so happy with the hashtag we came up with – #HanxPrincessLiya. For those who don’t watch Star Wars (and.. why not? I only watched it recently and I was wondering where the hell have I been all these years and not have watched it before), Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa are lovers who got married and *spoiler alert* had a son Ben Solo, who turned to the dark side and became Kylo Ren.

Star Wars Couple Posters
Our very own #HanxPrincessLiya posters up on our bedroom wall

Putting aside the fact that they ended up with a son who became anak derhaka (lol Allah jauhkan any of our anak becomes like that), we really loved these two characters and it was just perfect that both our names are similar to theirs (Hanafi = Han, Liyana = Liya). Now we just have to make sure we bring up our children extra well so they don’t harbour evil thoughts to bring down my rebellion. Heh heh.

And because our hashtag was #HanxPrincessLiya, we thought a Star Wars-themed wedding was in order. But as geeky as we are, we were still pretty much bounded by the expectations of our family members so we decided to stick to just having nuances of it so that it won’t be too tacky. Hence, the only aspects we incorporated Star Wars into were our table signages, photobooths and our CAKE! OH HOW I LOVED OUR CAKE!

Our awesome Star Wars cake from @hipsterbakes (instagram)

Our cake was so beautiful and tasted so good too!! @hipsterbakes did a really great job and it really deserves more recognition, I swear. Also, mad love for my sister-in-law Kak Syahidah who ordered this cake for us! Han-topper had sunken in by the time we arrived at Yishun though because the weather was hot and Princess Liya-topper’s belt looked like she was wearing silver panties but they were sooo cute nonetheless!! We were so sad to cut the cake and I actually thought of keeping the toppers but alas, they disappeared without a trace after the wedding. ????

And because I had lots of time prior to the wedding, I also did up table signages for both our functions. Cracked my brains to come up with something unique for the table signages until I just thought, “hey, you’re good at coming up with random poems so why not?” I’m quite pleased with my work, needless to say. (hahaha self-praise is the best praise eh?)

Table Signages – Left: Han’s | Right: Mine

We also engaged photobooths which incorporated the Star Wars theme. We only managed to take a few shots at mine but none at his, which was a pity. His had light sabers and Darth Vader masks! More details in the upcoming post about vendors.

Photobooths – Left: Han’s | Right: Mine

So, that’s that – our #HanxPrincessLiya wedding. I actually wanted a Stormtrooper hadang as well whereby Han has to rescue Princess Liya from the Death Star, like in Episode IV but none of my family members are fans of Star Wars so I had to cross that out. Plus Stormtrooper costumes are expensive! Bummer.

Okay, and that’s all for now. Till the next post, Sayonaraa and may the Force be with you!

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